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SunPlay Series

SunPlay Series for isolated systems.

The solar system charges a set of batteries that offer sufficient autonomy to disconnect from the electrical network.

SunPlay:  Basic kit system for hidden installation.

SunPlay home:  Appliances Compact kit integrated in homes.

Micro SunPlay:  Kit system for low power.

SunPlay home is the revolution of solar energy in coexistence with the day to day of your home. A compact system to integrate it as an electric appliance in your kitchen, or any room in the house.

  • SunPlay Mini home (2kw)
  • SunPlay Basic home (3kw)
  • SunPlay One home (5kw)
  • SunPlay Top home (6kw)
  • SunPlay XTop home (12kw)

FreeSun Series

FreeSun Series for self-consumption systems without recharging batteries.

The solar system commutes with the existing electricity grid, providing a reduction in energy costs of more than 80%. The generation powers range from 250w to 6kw.

The FreeSun Kit has a manual assembly and is easily installable. It is composed of:

  • Solar Pannel (variable number depending on the type of kit)
  • Battery charge regulator
  • Inverter
  • Electrical wiring
  • Energy Counter
  • Assembly instructions

FREESUN models range from 250w to 6kw

  • FREESUN 0M25 – 250w
  • FREESUN 0M5 – 500w
  • FREESUN 1M5 – 1,5Kw
  • FREESUN 2M – 2kw
  • FREESUN 3M – 3kw
  • FREESUN 3M6 – 3,6kw
  • FREESUN 4M2 – 4,2kw
  • FREESUN 6M – 6kw

SunBat Series

SUNBAT Series for solar battery charging systems.

The solar system charges a domestic or vehicle starting battery through the capture of solar energy. The load currents at stable voltage of 12v or 24v range from 5A to 30A.

The SunBat Kit has a mounting manual and is easily installable. It is composed of:

  • Solar Pannel
  • Battery chage regulator
  • Electrical wiring
  • Assembly instructions

The SUNBAT models range from 5A to 30A of stabilized load current.

  • SUNBAT 10A
  • SUNBAT 20A
  • SUNBAT 30A

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